“But I’m not from Stokes Croft…”

“But I’m not from Stokes Croft…”

The first line from Stokes Croft and Montpelier, a documentary photo book by Colin Moody, tells you all you need to know about the book.

You don’t need to be a local to connect with the area and its’ people.


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Male/ female Bengali models sought for cultural photo project.

Professional standard not essential, but must be of Bengali origin.

Details below.

You’d need to be available in Bristol/ Bath for one of the following dates (half day only):

Sat 29th Dec/ Sun 30th Dec
Sat 5th Jan
Sat 19th Jan/ Sun 20th Jan
Sat 2nd Feb/ Sun 3rd Feb

Please email me at Tasnimmua@eyespybeauty.co.uk to apply or for more details.

1950s Flashback

This shoot came about as I was walking out of Iceland Warehouse at St Philips Causeway loaded up with ice cream and other frozen goods to make it through the summer heatwave. As the sun hit the top of the Krispy Kremes store I thought it looked kinda cool and retro.

Add the cinema and bowling alley and we’ve got a 50s Americana theme going on. A few Facebook posts and messages later, and we have this…

Now published in Volant Magazine.

Model: Tapash Deb Roy

Hair, male grooming, photography: Tas Chowdhury

My top 3: Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2018

Every Bristol photographer flocked to the Ashton Court Estate on the weekend of 9-12 August. Armed with hot cocoa, tripods and lenses a plenty, they eagerly awaited the perfect moment for the all-important mass ascent shots.

I missed them all. Out of the 7 mass ascents scheduled, only 2 went ahead.

Thursday evening was my chosen night, as I can never resist the chance to see the night glow up close. My favourite time of day to shoot is dusk, just after golden hour. I just love the deep blues and violets on the sky at dusk.

So my top 3 images from Balloon Fiesta weekend are not actually of balloons at all. Ooh. Controversial. Well here they are, for you to judge.

Published work: Urban Playground

During the scorching UK heatwave, I stepped out for a shoot with local model, Kasia Hawkes at the beautiful Royal Fort Gardens, in Clifton.

The theme was simple. Summer fashion with a playful edge. All clothing was sourced from the high street and charity shops, proving that looking good doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are the final images published in the August Fashion edition of Elegant Magazine.

It was a really fun shoot and Kasia was full of energy and life. I look forward to shooting with Kasia again in the near future.

Tas xx

First & last: the photographers’ journey

A recent post in the Build & Bloom photography group got me thinking about my photography journey. It didn’t start when I bought my first dslr… or my first digital camera… it actually started in the 90s with my first film camera.

*drum roll*

Hell yeah! The Supasnaps Snapit camera. Free when developing a regular 35mm film. The height of 1980s cool.

My mum loved taking us kids out and always wanted to capture the moments for when memories fade. Needless to say, we had enough film developed for me and my two sisters to have a couple of these each. I remember having a blue one and possibly a purple one.

My mum was really supportive of our new found hobby and bought a lot of 126 films! My sisters snapped away and worked through a few films each. I was so awestruck by the gift of the camera that I was too nervous to actually take any photos. I walked around with the viewfinder permanently attached to my eye for a week. Nothing I saw felt worthy enough to immortalise forever… then when I finally gave in and clicked away, I lost the film and it was never developed. Nonetheless, walking around with the plastic viewfinder practically attached to my right eye, taught me to view the world differently.

My older sister used hers to capture our everyday life with our baby sister. Those photos represent 4 sisters just enjoying growing up together. Those are now some of the few pictures we now have of my baby sister. She passed away at 18 months. I wished I had taken more photos of that time but I have made up for it since then.

Fast forward 10 more years and my photography has transformed from hobbyist to professional. What have I learned? It’s not something I have to think about. For me it’s about capturing how I feel in a moment and trying to evoke those feelings in others.

Do you remember your first camera? Or do you have early photos you took? Even better if they were on film! I’d love to see them and share experiences.

Hit me up on the socials xx

Twitter: @tasnimmua
Instagram: @tas_eyespybeauty
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TasBehindTheLens

Natural habitat

Working back in Bristol, and saying goodbye to the daily commute has given me back precious family time. As I spend more time with my gorgeous children and my family, I realised how quickly my babies are growing up. I’ve started capturing more intimate moments of them at park visits and picnics.

There is a fine balance between living in the moment and enjoying the family time, and capturing these intimate moments in an unobtrusive way. My son loves to call it taking photos of him in his “natural habitat”. I kind of like that description.

Heat Wave

I am loving the heatwave! Yes, truly. The summer sunshine gives me such a buzz of energy and I couldn’t wait to get out and shoot. Louella suggested the stunning Royal Fort Gardens, right in the heart of the city. I had driven past it many times, on the school run collecting my younger brother but had never noticed the gardens.  What better way to spend a sunny afternoon during the Bristol heatwave.


Shooting in harsh sunlight can be a challenge. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to shoot in this glorious sunshine, so compensated by shooting in the shadier areas of these amazing botanical gardens just a stones throw from the hustle and bustle of Park Street.